You’re looking at jewelry made out of transparent wood. Hard to believe, right?

The Sylva earrings created by Sabina Friman and Iris Kause are made out of transparent wood and designed to embody the origin of this special biomaterial in their natural and leaf-like forms. The nature of the material makes each piece unique.

Transparent wood is made with carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) derived from wood pulp. The material is a sustainable CHEMARTS research innovation that inspired the design.

The concept and prototype was developed during the course From Idea to Shelf at Aalto University in 2020.

Made with water, CMC, earth pigment and nickel-free metal. Avoid contact with water. Sold at the Aalto University Shop.

Sabina Friman
Iris Kause

Additional contributor
Anouk Verstuyft